This two-part (theoretical and experimental) afternoon tutorial will dive into topics related to (1) lattice dynamics and phonon thermal transport calculations and (2) measurements of thermal transport that inform our understanding of underlying phonon behaviors. This tutorial is meant to provide background of state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental techniques used to describe thermal transport in materials.

1:30 pm—Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Phonon and Lattice Transport Calculations
Lucas R. Lindsay, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Lindsay will cover some of the underlying techniques and challenges of describing lattice thermal transport via Peierls–Boltzmann equation methods coupled with density functional theory. A brief discussion of the development and application of these tools will be given, followed by a deeper dive into the numerics involved and highlights of progress toward addressing current challenges (e.g., temperature and disorder).

3:00 pm—BREAK

3:30 pm—Techniques and Challenges Associated with Thermal Transport Measurements Spanning Different Length and Time Scales
Amy Marconnet, Purdue University

Marconnet will provide an introduction to thermal transport measurement techniques spanning a range of length and time scales. A brief discussion of recent key experimental results that have guided our understanding of phonon transport will be emphasized. Open challenges in the field will be highlighted.