The Princeton Center for Complex Materials presents Communicating Science with Public Audiences at the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting from their Science Communication and Education Network Workshop Series. This session is based on the “Portal to the Public” National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded method, a proven model for scientists to engage in public and face-to-face interactions with interactive group activities, discussions and lectures.

It is designed to increase confidence in scientists while communicating their work and to become part of a community of researchers who share an interest in science outreach and engagement. All participants will receive feedback and time to reflect. There will be three modules practicing different aspects in science communication:

  • Module 1: How People Learn
    Grasping different concepts of learning behaviors and several different strategies to facilitate the learning experience
  • Module 2: Communicating to Nonspecialists
    Identifying and developing concepts and strategies that scientists can use to share their work with public audiences
  • Module 3: Unraveling the Scientific Language
    Using language as a tool and reflecting on the importance of word use to create meaningful learning experiences

This is an excellent program to aid researchers (targeted to Graduate Students and Postdoctorates) in fulfilling their Broader Impacts criterion for government agency grant proposals.

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  • Daniel Steinberg, Princeton University
  • Sara Rodriguez, Princeton University

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