12:00—Aashutosh Mistry, Purdue University
Interfacial Effects in Concentration-Driven Phase Change

12:15—Xiaoxing Xia, California Institute of Technology
Electrochemically Reconfigurable Architected Materials Through Cooperative Beam Buckling and Defect Engineering

12:30—Hyunjoong Chung, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Understanding the Molecular Origin of Polymorphic Transition via Nucleation and Cooperativity and Their Impact on Organic Semiconductors

12:45—Hyunwoo Yuk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Preparation, Adhesion and 3D Printing of Highly Conductive PEDOT:PSS Hydrogels

1:00—Andrew Meng, Stanford University
Control of Axial to Radial Growth of Ge/GeSn Nanowires with H2 Partial Pressure

1:15—Subhajit Roychowdhury, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
N-Type Cubic GeSe Stabilized by Entropy-Driven Alloying of AgBiSe2 Leads to Ultralow Thermal Conductivity and Promising Thermoelectric Performance


1:45—Joon Sang Kang, University of California, Los Angeles
Experimental Observation of Ultrahigh Thermal Conductivity in Boron Arsenide

2:00—Xuezeng Lu, Northwestern University
Novel Epitaxial Strain Effects on the Hybrid Improper Ferroelectrics from First-Principles

2:15—Zhaoqianqi Feng, Brandeis University
Enzymatic Assemblies Disrupt Membrane and Target Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) for Selective Cancer Cell Death

2:30—Jennifer Boothby, The University of Texas at Dallas
Engineering Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Biological Applications