12:00—Peter Attia, Stanford University
Multi-Length-Scale Characterization and Optimization of Extreme Battery Fast Charging

12:15—Lichen Liu, Universitat Politècnica de València
Generation of Subnanometric Metal Species in Zeolites and Their Catalytic Applications

12:30—Yixiu Wang, Purdue University
Large-Area Solution-Grown Two-Dimensional Tellurene for Smart, Ubiquitous Electronics

12:45—Amitava Banerjee, Uppsala University
Rashba-Dresselhaus Triggered Electronic and Optical Properties in De Novo Designed Mixed Halide Hybrid Perovskites—Implication of Composition Route and Stoichiometry

1:00—Rohit John, Nanyang Technological University
Ionotronic Halide Perovskite Drift-Diffusive Synapses for Low-Power Neuromorphic Computation

1:15—Rainie Nelson, Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Impact of Composition and Structure on Bismuth Halide Perovskites

1:45—Arashdeep Thind, Washington University in St. Louis
Atomic Structure and Electrical Activity of Planar Faults in Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite

2:00—Aristide Gumyusenge, Purdue University
High Temperature Semiconducting Polymer Blends

2:15—Wen-Hui Cheng, California Institute of Technology
Energy Band Alignment and Photonic Design to Enable Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with >19% Efficiency