Representatives from User Facilities in the United States and Germany give practical advice for researchers seeking to utilize the User Facilities' equipment

Attendance is free, but advance registration is required.
Limited to the first 50 registrations.
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Do you want to have access to state-of-the-art characterization facilities free of charge?

Access to cutting-edge characterization techniques allows the Materials Science community to pose and tackle new and challenging questions. What novel problems would you address if you could use such techniques? We will bring you in contact with the user facilities' experts worldwide.

This special program intends to increase awareness among students and young professionals about national laboratory user facilities and encourage them to perform specific measurements at these facilities. Our invited speakers, from user facilities in the United States and Germany, will present the equipment available in their laboratories and discuss different ways to gain access to them. The main questions that will be addressed are What are user facilities? Who can become a user, and how? Are there any special requirements that a user should consider?

The general presentations will be followed by a networking session. Enjoy snacks and drinks while discussing your upcoming research projects with the experts.

Co-organized by MRS University Chapters and the MRS Early Career Professional Engagement Subcommittee


Silke Christiansen
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Sean J. Hearne
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Saw Wai Hla
Argonne National Laboratory

Ashley White
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory