Takao Someya1 2 Kenjiro Fukuda2 Tomoyuki Yokota1

1, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Systems, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, , Japan
2, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Saitama, , Japan

On-skin sensors have attractive much attention as the next-generation wearable devices, because the conformal contact on human skin enables accurate and continuous detection of physiological signals. One of the most important technologies to improve usability of on-skin sensors is a power source to continuously supply electricity to health-monitoring systems. In this talk, we will report on recent progresses of ultraflexible organic photovoltaic cells for applications to wearable sensors. First, ultraflexible organic power sources that can be wrapped around an object have been developed with mechanical and thermal stability in long-term operation. Then, the integration of these power sources with functional electric devices including sensors has been achieved.