Jingbi You1

1, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, , China

Lead halide perovskite is a new type of semiconductor optoelectronic material, which owns large absorption coefficient, long diffusion length, and also it shows high emission efficiency. This advantages feature it a great potential in in solar cells and also in light-emitting diodes. Recently, there are great breakthrough in these two types of optoelectronic devices, the power conversion efficiency (PCE) and the electroluminescence external quantum efficiency (EQE) have been pushed to 23.3% and over than 20% for perovskite solar cells and light-emitting diodes, respectively. In this talk, I will talk about how we achieve high performance and stable of perovskite based optoelectronic devices according to perovskite film growth control, interface engineering and surface passivation [1-5].

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