Kanishka Biswas1

1, New Chemistry Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore, , India

One of the fundamental challenge in developing high-performance thermoelectric materials has been to achieve low lattice thermal conductivity (κL). The exploration of new materials with intrinsically low κL along with a microscopic understanding of the underlying correlations among bonding, lattice dynamics and phonon transport is fundamentally important towards designing promising thermoelectric materials. InTe [i.e. In+In3+Te2], a mixed valent compound, exhibit an ultralow κL, which manifests an intrinsic bonding asymmetry with coexistent covalent and ionic substructures.1 The phonon dispersion of InTe exhibits, in addition to low-energy flat branches, weak instabilities associated with the rattling vibrations of In+ atoms along the columnar ionic substructure. These weakly unstable phonons originate from the 5s2 lone pairs of adjacent In+ atoms and are strongly anharmonic, which scatter the heat-carrying acoustic phonons through phonon-phonon interactions. Similarly, a Zintl compound, TlInTe2, also exhibit ultralow κL due to low energy ratting modes of weakly bound Tl.2 Soft phonon modes and optical-acoustic phonon coupling cause an ultralow lattice thermal conductivity in the room-temperature hexagonal phase of AgCuTe, while the dynamic disorder of Ag/Cu cations leads to reduced phonon frequencies and mean free paths in the high-temperature rocksalt phase. A high thermoelectric figure of merit (zT) of 1.6 is achieved in the p-type AgCuTe at ~670 K.3 Recently, we have shown that the localized vibrations of Bi bilayer leading to ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric performance in weak topological insulator n-type BiSe near room temperature.4

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