Michael Aziz1

1, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

The ability to store large amounts of electrical energy is of increasing importance with the growing fraction of electricity generation from intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar. Wide-scale utilization of flow batteries is limited by the cost of redox-active metals such as vanadium or precious metal electrocatalysts. We have developed high performance flow batteries based on the aqueous redox behavior of small organic and organometallic molecules, e.g. [1-8]. These redox active materials can be very inexpensive and exhibit rapid redox kinetics and high solubilities, potentially enabling massive electrical energy storage at greatly reduced cost. We have developed new protocols for measuring capacity fade rates and have discovered that the capacity fade rate is determined by the molecular calendar life, which can depend on state of charge, but is independent of the number of charge-discharge cycles imposed [7]. We will report the performance of the very few chemistries with long enough calendar life for practical application in stationary storage.
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