Olivier Thomas1 2 3

1, Aix Marseille Universite, Marseille, , France
2, Université de Toulon, Toulon, , France
3, IM2NP, CNRS, Marseille, , France

In present synchrotron radiation facilities, the trend towards fast on-the-fly experiments [1,2], made possible in particular thanks to faster low noise hybrid pixel area detectors, opens many avenues for in situ evaluation of structure, strain and defects in various nano-materials. Pole figure measurements can now be performed fast enough to follow intriguing texture changes during phase transformations [3]. Combination of curvature measurements with x-ray diffraction allows for a detailed understanding of strain evolution during crystallization of phase change materials [4]. Thanks to focused beams strain mapping in devices can be performed in situ as a function of temperature [5]. I will also show how small x-ray beams may be used for investigating the mechanical behavior of nano-objects in situ during mechanical testing [6,7]. All these recent evolutions will benefit a lot from the development of new and even more brilliant sources which will appear in the coming years.

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