Kihyeun Kim1 Hyungjun Jang1 Min-Gon Kim1

1, Department of Chemistry, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, , Korea (the Republic of)

Electronic devices are one of the most promising candidates for chemical and biological sensor platforms because of its high sensitivity, and application to Internet of Things (IoT). However, a major challenge to developing such sensor systems is the use of battery power owing to its limited life-time, inconvenience of recharging, and insufficient battery level to operate the integrated sensor system.
In this study, we suggest self-powered biosensors by integration of n-IGZO/p-Si photodetectors and enzyme-based colorimetric reactions, which are operated by light sources in daily life environment such as fluorescent light and sunlight. A colorimetric reaction was performed at a polydimethylsiloxane vessel located at the upper side of the IGZO/Si photodetector, which is physically apart from the photodetectors. Photocurrent changes of the photodetectors are induced by the colorimetric reaction depending on target concentration, which enables quantitative analysis. The self-powered biosensors showed high sensitivity towards glucose level in real human samples without matrix effect due to physical separation of the photodetectors and colorimetric reaction part. This sensor platform could pave the way for highly sensitive portable IoT biosensors operating without batteries.