Speaker: Alaina G. Levine, Quantum Success Solutions

Networking is not meeting someone at a conference and never speaking to them again. Rather, networking is a spectrum of activities that fosters a win-win partnership and lasts the life of the two parties. In this fun workshop, learn the secrets of being a master networker—how to cultivate strategic, mutually beneficial relationships, find people to add to your networks, “work a room,” start conversations with people you have never met before, and obtain information that can set you on a path to career victory. Most importantly, learn how networking can give you access to hidden jobs and game-changing opportunities that enable you to land or even create your dream job from scratch!

About Alaina G. Levine

Alaina G. Levine is an award-winning entrepreneur, STEM careers consultant, science journalist, professional speaker and corporate comedian. She is the author of Networking for Nerds, published by Wiley in 2015, which beat out Einstein (really!) to be named one of the top five books of 2015 by Physics Today. As President of Quantum Success Solutions, she has been advising scientists and engineers about their careers for almost two decades. Levine has given over 700 keynotes, workshops and webinars for clients in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Africa and (as of next week) Asia, and is the author of over 400 articles in publications including ScienceNature, WorldEconomic ForumSmithsonianScientific American, COSMOSNational Geographic News Watch and IEEE Spectrum. Most recently, she launched a new regular career advice column for Science Careers, entitled "Your Unicorn Career," and authored two online courses for Oxford University Press on career development and entrepreneurship. She is a regular consultant and speaker for the Materials Research Society.