Company Overview

Key Products: Books; Journals

Cambridge University Press and its publishing partner, the Materials Research Society, deliver innovative journals, books, and online products which encompass the full range of materials science. Journals include MRS Bulletin, Journal of Materials Research (JMR), MRS Communications, MRS Advances, MRS Energy & Sustainability, and the MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive. Featured books include our newest textbook, Materials Engineering—Bonding, Structure and Structure-Property Relationships; 2D Materials—Properties and Devices; and Magnetic Nanoparticles in Biosensing and Medicine, publishing in April 2019. Visit the joint MRS/Cambridge Publications Booth 100 in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about our publications portfolio, talk to our book and journal editors, enjoy 20% off book purchases, and try your chances with the “PLINKO coin drop”…where everyone’s a winner!

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