Date/Time: 04-23-2019 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Byung-Sang Choi1

1, Chosun University, Gwangju, Gwangju, Korea (the Republic of)

Cu composite reinforced by three-dimensional (3D) graphene network was synthesized in a simple two-step process; (1) an axial compaction of Cu particles in a mold, and (2) CVD at an appropriate condition leading to a Cu composite reinforced with 3D graphene network. Cu composites with different contents of either graphite or graphene were obtained by controlling the processing parameters. 3D graphene network reinforced Cu composite is presented with a possible explanation for and characterization of the formation of graphene. Lastly, the thermal conductivity data of 3D graphene-Cu composite, which is currently about 450 W/mK in both perpendicular and parallel directions, is presented along with a possible mechanism to explain the high thermal conductivity.

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