Date/Time: 04-23-2019 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Marjan Kashfipour1 Jiahua Zhu1 Nitin Mehra1 Russell Dent1

1, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, United States

We present new composite with significantly improved Thermal Conductivity (TC) that comprises a continuous network of thermally conductive fillers and a natural polyol. The network of thermally conductive filler, in this case boron nitride nanosheets (BNNS), was an aerogel that was fabricated with the ice template method. Subsequently, the aerogel was carbonized and filled with xylitol with help of vacuum infiltration of liquefied xylitol. The aerogel provided a 3D thermal conductive pathway and also acted as a scaffold to promote the oriented crystallization of xylitol. Our results demonstrate that the BNNS scaffold and packing of oriented xylitol crystals play a key role in improving TC of the composite. With BNNS content of 18.16 wt% (6.14 vol %) TC of above 4.5 W/ (m.K), which is higher than that reported in recent literatures, was obtained.

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