Assistant Research Professor
University of Connecticut

Assistant Research Professor
Dr. Boxun Hu holds a Ph. D. degree in Materials Science. His expertise includes broad chemistry, materials, and engineering disciplines, including electrochemistry, energy engineering, (petro)chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. Dr. Hu has 15 years of research and development experience in the following research fields: fuel cells for power generation, battery materials for energy storage, high temperature electrochemical systems, electrolysis for hydrogenation production, chemical and electrochemical conversion of methane and CO2 to liquid fuel and valuable chemicals, Fisher-Tropsch synthesis, carbon nanotube/graphene synthesis and their commercial application. Dr. Hu has 12 years of experience in a large petrochemical corporation for new plant commission, process and catalyst development, and plant management. As being a focus on research in energy and materials, Dr. Hu collaborates with researchers in the interdisciplinary fields (such as FuelCell Energy, LG Fuel Cell, Ceres Power, ExxonMobil, Honda, and Nissan) to develop new materials, devices, and processes for practical applications. Dr. Hu has developed novel materials utilized by our collaborators including small and large business companies and national Laboratories. Publications and citations: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=SUrunycAAAAJ&hl=en Email: boxun9.hu@gmail.com